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Portfolio - Designer/ Maker Kelly Rideout

Designer /Maker Kelly Rideout handcrafts original designs in her studio on Hayling Island, Hampshire, UK. Designs are regularly inspired by her flower cutting garden, British seasides, nature and the materials. 

Media can include limited edition textiles, trims, handmade papers, flowers from the garden and handmade elements. Tiny hand-crafted flower pots, birds, watering cans, gardening tools, boats add a textured layer to the original designs. When using flowers these are photographed at the moment when the work is completed, styled and then instantly to capture the florals at their most vibrant.

Kelly also uses photography and styles scenes to be used in her creative illustration work. Here is a selection from the portfolio but should you wish to book a portfolio view to discuss project work or licensing opportunities please contact Kelly Rideout.

For more on Kelly Rideout see About or the Question and Answer session captured.  

Designer /Maker Mixed Media Portfolio - Kelly Rideout

Hand Styled Flowers - Flower and Bloom Range

Flower Show Design - Handcrafted with flowers from the cutting garden.

Bloom and Watering - Flower Art Print

Hydrangea Water and Bloom Print Design

Flower Gift Tag Wrapping Paper

Cutting Garden Print Pattern

Gardeners Joy Greeting Card Design

Gardening Joy! Greeting Card Design 

Flower Luxury Wooden Gift tags

Luxury Wooden Gift Tags For Cutting Gardeners And Florists

Handmade Bag Wall Art

Textile Wall Art Handcrafted Gift

Handmade Bag Wall Art

Handmade Art - Crafted Using Vintage, Contemporary And Recycled Items 


 Fresh and Crafty Cushion Designs

Fresh and Crafty Cushion Designs - Inspired by Craft Creations and She Sheds

Handcrafted English Beach Shop Art Print
English Beach Shop Handmade Design


Molly Margaret Designs Portfolio

Photography, styling and mixed media is used on Molly Margaret Design projects. If you have any questions or you would like to collaborate then please contact Kelly Rideout.

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