Growing Cut Flowers With Children - Kids Activities

Growing cut flowers with children is a great way to get them outside, enjoying some fresh air and exercise. A great opportunity to learn together about nurturing plants and looking for nature in the garden. 

Some great cut flower seeds to grow with children, Calendula officials ‘Indian Prince’, Cosmos Bipinnatus ‘Dazzler’, Sunflower Vanilla Ice and Centaurea Cyanus ‘Polka Dot’ mixed’. These are easy to grow and make great cut flowers. 

Flower cutting garden Hampshire

Plant them inside to get them growing early in Spring or sow them directly outside in the sunshine when the frost has passed. Direction for the best growing tips can be found on the back of the seed packets, so great to read with children. 

Sunflower Seeds Grown With Children To Gift As Presents

Benefits of planting cutting flowers include

  • Reducing pollution
  • Cutting Gardens can include editable flowers (check on the seed packet)
  • Reducing carbon footprints
  • Helping Bees and insects 
  • Well being for gardeners (mindfulness)
  • Healthy exercise benefits
  • Social activity for the family to enjoy together
  • Cut flowers can fill a home or be gifted to friends and family (saving money over time)
  • Closer to nature is good for the soul
  • Children learn to nurture nature
  • Smiling and having fun together

Flower Journey A4 Keepsake

Flower Activities for Children To Enjoy While Growing Cut Flowers. 

It’s great for children to water, wait and watch their seeds grow. and being outside in the fresh air. Here are some children’s activities I have tried and enjoyed with my children, great for school holidays and having fun together. 

1. Paint pictures of the seeds and the plants as they grow. 

2. Keep a plant diary over a period of time or make up a story which includes the flowers. 

4. Photograph the children and yourselves while you nature the plants and create your own ‘Flower Story’. A collage of pictures while you grow the flowers as a reminder and keepsake. This could be gifted with the flowers or keep a picture for your wall.

5. Learn to wrap flowers like a florist with this handy six-step guide to create a homegrown flower bouquet. Making a special flower arrangement or posey as a thoughtful gift for someone special. For ideas on flower bouquets and posey ideas, you can see examples on Pinterest or Instagram. 

Chilrdens Flower Wrap for Homegrown Flowers

6. Pressed Flowers are lovely to create your own flower art and the leftover petals could be used for confetti or to add to some homemade paper. 

7. Flower petals could be used for art, to create a scene or a story. Photograph and printout the picture so you can keep a copy forever. 

Flower Art Handmade From The Garden

Creating thoughtful gifts do not need to be perfect and a gift where someone has taken the time can mean so much to someone special. When life can seem so fast paced and everyone has a face to a screen, planting flowers can bring family and friends together.

With the children’s Wrap and Grow Flower Gifting Set you can try the activities above and learn to wrap flowers. Give flowers as a very special flower bouquet to mum, dad, grandma or a special teacher. Complete the A4 flower journey picture and this can be given as a keepsake with the flowers. 

To begin your own flower journey with children see the Children’s Rainbow Flower Wrap and Grow Gift Set or the flower wrap and stickers

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