Environmental Policy

Just as we ensure all our products are either recycled or as environmentally friendly as possible, so naturally we make sure our production methods and packaging is as green and sustainable as is practical.  

As a company we regularly review our environmental impact and happily embrace new technology (high & low) to help improve our production, waste management, energy and water efficiency whenever we can. As such this also includes regular reviews of the environmental, ethical and social standards of our suppliers.

Personally we try to use green technology wherever possible, such as rainwater harvesting and environmental gardening products for our flower garden.

We reuse packaging from our suppliers and all our office paper is recycled. Please remember most of the packaging materials used by us in your orders is recyclable, so please try to reuse it or put it out for recycling so it can be made back into something useful.

In production we strive to get the best use of all raw materials and to keep any waste to a minimum. What waste we do produced is then either used for packaging orders or sent for recycling.

As part of our green commitment we source all of our energy from 100% renewable and non-nuclear supplier Good Energy.

To keep our carbon foot print to a minimum, we source all our material from UK or EU suppliers where we can. We do not get any of our card, papers, envelopes, bags or packaging from outside the EU. This also ensures that our supply chain will always adhere to the latest UK & EU environmental and employment standards, and thus be treating people fairly while helping to  look after the planet.

The vast majority of our products are not just made from recycled material, most are either recyclable, compostable or bio-degradable.
Where it is necessary to use virgin or non-recycled materials we will always endeavour to keep it to the minimum possible.

We choose to support our local wildlife and planet with everything we do. If you have any questions please use the contact us page.

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