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Grow Your Own Flower Kits

Grow your own flower kits are lovely postbox gifts. Choose to grow yourself and wrap a few flowers to share the delight with friends or family.

These are popular gift options to delight with a choice of flower seeds, Wild Meadow Scented Flowers or Throw and Grow Your Own Picking Flowers.


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Grow Your Own Flower Bouquet
Coral Flower Wrap and Grow Gift Set - Flower Wrap and grow Uk
Celebration Flower Wrap Set With Cut Flower Seeds - Kelly Rideout Design
Flower Grow and Wrap Gift Kit - Home Florist
Flower Love Gift Set - Create Your Own Flower Bouquets - Flower Wrap and Grow
Bloom Flower Gift Set, Make Flower Bouquets
Edible Flower Growing and wrapping Set
DIY Flower Bouquet Gift Kit
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