DIY Flower Kits - Floral Crafts

DIY flower kits to create floral hoops, flower crowns, flower bouquets, and cups of flowers in vintage style teacups.

Perfect for DIY wedding flowers, flower party decorations or to decorate your home.

Flower craft kits are unique eco-friendly gifts to give to crafters, flower lovers, and gardeners alike. 

DIY Floral Hoop Decoration Kits
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DIY Flower Crown and Floral Gift Kit
Floral Hoop DIY Decoration
DIY Floral Hoop Kit - Flower Arrangment Gift
DIY Season Wreath Hoop
Edible Flower Growing and wrapping Set
Let Love Grow Flower Wrapping Set
Children's Rainbow Flower Wrap and Grow Set Includes Seeds - Kelly Rideout Design
Grow Your Own Flower Bouquet
DIY Flower Bouquet Gift Kit
Flower Love Gift Set - Create Your Own Flower Bouquets - Kelly Rideout Design
DIY Grow and Wrap flower bouquets kit
DIY Cup Of Flowers Gift Set
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