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I was so pleased to see an increase in sales for British Flowers as we change our buying habits. British Flowers now account for 14% of all flowers sold in the UK. Up from 12% in 2015 according to the latest figures from Defra. 

Flower Farm Pink Cosmos British Flowers

As we all look to buy local and responsibly grown flowers, it is also great to see our fields green and visiting pick your own events. 

The British Flowers Week campaign, founded by New Covent Garden Market in 2013, has been integral to the British flower renaissance, leading the way for the UK’s flower industry. We shall be involved again this year 15 -21st June 2020 to highlight British Flowers and although we grow our own flowers, I still love to buy British flowers, visit flower markets and farms. 

It is also great to see the stories behind the flowers and foliage, where they have come from, who has grown them. The same as we see on some food labels. I am proud to support our British Flower Farms and shopping locally. 

Wild flower field British Flowers

Other ways to support flower farms, is to buy flowers from them, flower seeds, products made with their homegrown items such as Lavender cosmetics and of course visiting on open days to view or join in a pick your own event. 

See you local press or visit from the Farm to look for local flower farms near you. You can also read about our trip to Sam’s Sunflower and our trip to Lavender fields in Selbourne, Hampshire. 

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