How To Make A Flower Bouquet Step by Step

How to wrap an easy spring flower bouquet at home in six simple steps. Creating a lovely thoughtful gift to delight someone special. Flower wrapping guide with easy steps to follow.

Step One

Select the flowers you wish to use from your garden or from locally brought flowers. My flower recipe is below so you can see what I used. Pick colours and textured flowers you think will work well together. I liked the yellow daffodils with pops of bright colours for this bouquet.

Flowers Recipe

3 stems of yellow miniature daffodils

3 stems of paperwhite narricis

3 stems of pink roses

1 blue hyacinth 

3 blue Irises 

3 purple tulips


Step Two 

Decide which flower wrapping materials you would like to use.

The materials I used are listed below.

2 sheets of blue satin tissue paper

1 strip of eco-friendly tape but sellotape would work too

1 flower sticker (available in our Blue Flower Wrap and Sticker Kit or Celebration Flower Wrap and Grow Set.

1 piece of Twine

Other materials which will be needed 


Spring Flower Bouquet How To Wrap Guide

Step Three

Pick up a different flower every time as you begin to bunch them in your hand. Move the flowers to give a pleasing shape and ensure the coloured flowers are dotted around. 

Hand-tie with twine firmly but with enough room for the flowers to drink up water without the twine digging into the stems. 

 Blue sating tissue paper

Step Four 

Cut tissue paper into two square sheets, fold in half slightly off-center as shown in the photograph. Wrap one sheet around the flowers and attached it with an eco-friendly tape or sellotape. 


Easy spring flower bouquet to make a home

Step Five

Attached the second square of tissue around the flowers, and add the flower sticker to keep in place. This hides the tape and adds an extra layer of tissue. The wrap helps to enhance the flowers but also assists in keeping the flowers protected when travelling. 

DIY Flower Bouquet - Step by Step Guide

Step Six

Your beautiful thoughtful flower bouquet is ready to give and delight someone special. A perfect time to take a photograph of your hard work and to share it with friends #DIYFlowerBouquets  

How To Wrap A Flower Bouquet - DIY Florals

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