How I Created My Own Small Flower Picking Garden

Why I decided to grow my own flower picking garden and mini meadow. I love to fill our home with flowers and to make flower crafts to decorate parties or to gift to friends. The flower picking garden seeds I choose were a special mix of over eighteen varieties of flowers and foliage which if cut in the right way will comes back again. 

British Flower Picking Garden

In the middle of our front garden in April I decided to make a flower garden and a mini meadow. I dug out about one meter by one meter squared and halved the plot by added a stick in the middle. (Very high tech here). 

Flower bed for cutting garden

I took the top layer of grass away and watered the area. Then I mixed my summer picking flower seeds with sand so I could see them on the earth and so it is harder for them to blow away. I threw the flower seeds all over half of the area.

I also mixed the scented wild meadow flowers with sand and threw these on the other half of the ground. I decided as the temperature was cold to add a fleece across the area. It also meant the birds could not come and help themselves to my seeds. 

Although the cats thought I had made them a tent and I found them curled up all warm under the fleece. It was a homemade fleeced area simply created with branches my two sons had collected on walks around the edges. I then added the fleece over the top and stones around the edges so it didn’t blow away. 

It was lucky I had the fleece as in April we did get some hard frosts which could have damaged the young plants. At the end of May I removed the fleece and then it seemed to ran constantly. 

chaffinche in the garden

Once the sun did come out in June the plants were getting established and I could see the buds being to pop open which was beautiful. July and August they have been a picture and I have enjoyed jugs and jugs of beautiful flowers. I left the things around the area as it worked as good stakes for some of the taller plants. 

British flowers homegrown

I have wrapped bunches to give to friends and family as special thoughtful gifts and seen the delight on their faces. The happiness on my face is also from the enjoyment we have had while growing the cut flower garden and from little visitors. Which included pretty chaffinches around the flower garden, bumble bees and beautiful new butterflies we have spotted. Great for family nature spotting and taking a moment to enjoy the garden in the summer. 

The flower picking seeds are now available in the flower wrap and grow DIY Flower Kits, you can see the range here. 

Flower seeds Grow and Wrapping Kit

Grow your own picking flowers with these wonderful seeds, tried and tested in my garden and now included in the new updated DIY Floristry Kits. Available on Flower Wrap and Grow, Not On The High Street and Etsy

Grow your own picking flowers

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