How Do You Make A Flower Crown?

Flower Crown How To Make a Floral Crown

Make a flower crown in six simple steps, ready for a festival, wedding, Birthday party or just to have fun as mother and daughter.  Take photographs and make memories to share forever.

Materials you will need;

scissors, flowers, florist wire, floral tape (or use the DIY Flower Crown Kit)

1. Take your two pieces of floral wire and fit it around your head so that you know how long you need it to be. Twist the ends together to keep in place. Shape the wire into a circle shape (I press around a bowl or something circular).

Foliage Headband - DIY Floral Crown

2. With your floral tape begin wrapping it around the florist wire making sure you pull it gently as you wrap so the tape becomes sticky as it stretches. Take a long piece of green foliage and twist it around the crown, then secure it with floral tape. 

3. Begin making small bouquets with your flowers and foliage. Then wrap the ends with the floral tape to ensure they are fixed. 

Mini Flower bouquets for flower crown

4. Add the small bouquets with any extra flowers and foliage, to the crown. Securing with floral tape as you go. Ensuring you add favorite florals to the front.

5. Secure any extra flower ends and tidy up the crown. Add any extra flowers or items such as ribbons as you go.

Flower Crown Handmade at Home - Garden Flowers

6. Put your floral crown on your head and you are all set to smile, and take photographs to show friends.

Share your creations on Instagram with #DIYcreativeflowers as we love to see your creations. Follow @flowerwrapandgrow to see our favourite flower crowns as they are shared.

Do It Yourself Flower Crown - Kelly Rideout

See more on the DIY Flower Crown Kit or to view more flower crown inspired ideas my Creative Flowers Lifestyle Blog UK.

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