Eco-friendly Flower Wrap and Gifts - Made in Britain

I am proud Wrap & Grow Flower products are eco-friendly, designed and made in Britain. Companies have been carefully selected to produce non coated flower wraps, recycled kraft papers, eco-friendly tissue paper, British Twines and high-quality flower seeds with recyclable cardboard boxes.

Wood for the keepsake tags is from sustainably certified woodland. The bags we use for postage and within the box are all 100% recycled and biodegradable. All the materials from the products can be reused or recycled.

As flower growing is a favorite past time and a constant inspiration for my design work I hope to inspire gardeners and to introduce new people to growing their own cut flowers or buying British flowers. Cut flower growing gives calm and mindfulness while wrapping your own flowers offers creativity and positive social interactions.

Growing flowers and foliage helps support bees and local wildlife. Growing homegrown cut flowers can fill our homes with seasonal blooms and as the flowers grow it is wonderful to delight friends and family with homemade flower gifts too.

Eco-friendly flower gifts

Environment - Flower Wrap and Grow act in the interest of protecting the natural world and supporting local wildlife. 

Ethical - the principles for Flower wrap and grow are respect, kindness and being mindfully ethically responsible. 

Materials - our materials are sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable. Designed and made in Britain. 

Packaging - reusable, recyclable and compostable options are used throughout to improve our sustainability. 

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