How To Wrap A Flower Bouquet - DIY Homegrown Flowers

Here is the easy six-step guide to wrapping a flower bouquet from home.

Use garden flowers or local British flowers. I also love summer pick your own events at flower farms and garden centres.

A good site to check for local flower farms is Flowers From The Farm and there is also information on the UK Flower Farmers Big Weekend 14 - 16th August 2020.

Flower Wrap and Stickers For Flower Arrangements

Step 1.

Select your flowers and foliage carefully from your garden or local shop. Remove extra leaves on the stems below where you will hand-tie the flowers. I use British twine by jute but you can use florist tape or elastic bands. Just be sure the flowers are not to restricted as you want the flowers to be able to drink water at all time.

Arrange your flowers so they have nice coverage of colour. For example, if you had three different coloured flowers. You may choose to add colour 1, then a colour 2 and a colour 3. Then repeat so the colours as you add can be separate out to each corner. Once you are happy, tie the flower arrangement together. Trim the stems of the flowers to roughly the same lengths.

Step 2.

Select which flower wrap you would like to use, brown Kraft wrap is good, Satin tissue paper or flower gift wrap non-coated. Eco-friendly papers and items which can be recycled are great for this kind of wrapping so just ensure you do not choose glitter or coated papers as these generally cannot be recycled.

 The example in the photograph is mint green flower wrap.

Wrap and Grow DIY Flower Bouquet Making Gift Sets

Step 3. 

Lay your chosen paper on the table and with pointed order at an angle. Lay your flowers heads up close to the point of the paper.

How to wrap a flower bouquet in six easy steps

Step 4.

Wrap the paper from left across the flowers and tuck in behind the hand-tied bunch.

DIY Eco-friendly Flower wrap in six step guide

Step 5. 

Lift up the bottom right of the flower wrap and fold the paper over the flower stems. Crease a line up the paper on the right as shown. Wrap the remaining flower gift wrap around the flowers to join together.

DIY Flower Bouquet homegrown six step guide

 Step 6. 

You can choose a sticker to add the finishing touches to the bouquet, a ribbon or sellotape to set the paper into place. In this example, a ‘With Love’ sticker has been used. The sticker is set to the front of the flowers. You can present the sticker first, for the special recipient to read the message from your thoughtful gift.

Homemade eco-friendly Flower Bouquet six steps How to

Flower bouquets do not need to be complicated with the right materials and gorgeous cut flowers you can create incredibly thoughtful gifts. 

Ideal flower bouquets for Mothers Day, Easter, Birthdays or as a simple thank you to someone special. 

For this example I used Cut Flower Wrap & Grow Set

For more flower bouquet, posey and flower gifting ideas you can take look on Pinterest or follow on Instagram @kellyrideout_design. You can also join the newsletter for updates on the latest flower gifts, shop offers and competitions. 

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