DIY Wedding Decorations - Flower Hoops And Floral Wreaths

The growing trend to create your own wedding flowers is continuing to gain momentum for DIY weddings. Creating your own flowers can make the event very personal and save you lots of money. Flower craft with other members of your family and friends so you can begin making memories before the wedding begins. 

These stylish DIY floral hoops are set to stay on trend this year ready for the wedding season. Use Flower wreaths as floral hanging decorations or as flower hoops for bridesmaids.

A step by step guide to making your own DIY Flower Hoops is below and you can view our wedding inspired kits with the eco friendly materials at DIY Wedding Kits.

Flowers are not included as we recommend using your own garden flowers, foraged foliage or using a local flower farmer for a bucket of florals. 

DIY Flower Hoops Wedding Decorations Kit


Step 1. Layout your floral materials and add your selection of flowers and foliage. 

You could choose to grow your own beautiful cut flowers and ask someone special to help you or if you are not a keen gardener we recommend you ask about 'DIY flowers for the Bride' and use seasonal blooms from a local flower farm. You can select a flower farm near you on this link which offers this service. 

Step 2. For an asymmetrical hoop start the foliage just off centre from the bottom of the hoop. Place a branch going up toward the top of the hoop fix with floral tape. Place the second branch of foliage across the bottom of the hoop, fix with florist tape.  

A great way to personalise your hoop is to include specially forged leaves, seed heads or dried grasses.

DIY Wedding Hoop Crafting

Step 3.  Build greenery, using the florist tape to secure branches and larger items as desired. As you pull gently on the florist tape becomes sticky making it easier to wrap around stems. Use the florist tape around the hoop to secure greenery into place.

Flower Wreaths Floral Craft Kit ClStep 4. Once the foliage has been built up start adding your fresh or dried flowers carefully positioning them to cover up plant ends and to enhance the overall design. Strawflowers are great as they add texture, colour and they dry very well. These can be glued onto the design to keep in place or woven into the hoops if they have dried stems. 

Pink Strawflower heads - DIY Flower WreathStep 5. Hide tape and wire under newly added foliage or flowers carefully positioned. Note dried flowers will last longer but fresh flowers are great for a wedding day but they will not last fresh for days. Once completed do make sure fresh flower hoops are storage somewhere cool, out of direct sunlight and used within 24 hours.

Great to dry flower hoops after your wedding to use as a keepsake and to make a wall hanging home decoration. 

Flower wreath kitStep 6. Keep adding interesting details and ensure you wrap up loose ends to keep the hoop design tidy. Add a ribbon to hang on a wall, tree branches, beams or give to a bridesmaid to hold down the aisle.

Share your beautiful creations with us @flowerwrapandgrow as we love to see your creations #DIYflowerkitsUK 

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DIY Flower Hoop Kits Floral Craft

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