DIY Floral Wreath Asymmetrical Tutorial

On trend this year is the asymmetrical wreath, half the work with lots of style. Ideal for your front door or simply to decorate your home this season. A great time to learn to make a wreath for Christmas.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a seasonal wreath. For my example this wreath was inspired by autumn with forged flora and foliage.

To get your own DIY Flower Wreath Kit you can see more on the shop. They all include florist style materials that have been used in this example bamboo hoops, eco-friendly ribbon, floral wire, florist tape, dried flowers and a photo guide.

DIY Floral Wreath Tutorial

This tutorial guide takes you through making your own asymmetrical flower wreath at home.

Bamboo macrame hoop
Thin gauge floral wire
Florist tape
Wire cutters or sharp scissors
Fresh flowers and foliage

1. Layout your floral materials and add your selection of flowers from the garden, dried or faux flowers. In this example ivy and bay leaves were used to get started.

For materials offer DIY Flower Wreath Kits, so you just simply add flowers and foliage.

DIY Flower Wreath Kits

2. A great way to personalise your hoop is to include specially forged seed heads, pine cones or dried grasses. Good greenery suggestions include, eucalyptus, ivy and sprigs of holly for Christmas. Beware of using berries if children are around and a wreath maybe in reaching distance.

3. Build your greenery, starting from the outermost edges that you want to cover and work in. Use floral wire to secure branches and larger items. Repeat if you want to builder up a deeper covering.

4. Once the foliage has been built up start adding your fresh or dried flowers. This can be done with the floral wire or florist tape. Pick a flower and wrap the tape around the stem and around the hoop. Make sure to high the tape with foliage or more flowers.

Wreath making turtorial - DIY Flowers

5. Keep adding interesting details and ensure you wrap up loose ends to keep the wreath design tidy. It’s lovely if you have collected special seasonal items on a walk as every time you look at your wreath it can make you smile.

6. Add a ribbon and hang your beautiful wreath on a nail or a door frame. Photograph to share with friends and family #DIYFlowerwreath.

Two Homemade Flower Hoop Home decorations

To view a printable flower wreath reciepe see

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