Super Easy Cut Flowers To Grow

Cut Flowers To Grow For Quick Success, these have been tried and tested in my flower garden. I will state now I am not a trained gardener but these have grown well with a little care and watering. The list of cut flowers I have put together has given me an abundance of flowers for the last few years. 

Homegrown cut flower bouquet

This list is formed from my favourites and also from flowers that keep reproducing in abundance. Something to consider with cut flowers is vase life and their flowering period. 

Easy to grow cut flower list

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Purity’

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Dazzler'

Calendula officinalis ‘Indian Prince’

Papaver nudicaule 'Champagne Bubbles' White F1

Phlox drummondii grandiflora 'Cherry Caramel

Zinnia elegans 'Giant Dahlia Mix

Zinnia elegans 'Queeny Lime Orange

Harlequin Sweet Pea Mix

Dahlia 'Brown Sugar

Dahlia ‘Bacardi

Dahlia ‘Labyrinth

 Brown Sugar Dahlia

Easy to grow foliage

Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens'

Euphorbia oblongata

Ammi majus


Orlaya grandiflora 

These make great handmade bouquets and every year I try new flowers. Sign up to email newsletter and to keep up to date with the flower garden and latest news.

 Cosmos Purity and Cosmos Dazzler

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